Planning Consultation

The key to a successful driveway project is professional design and planning. At Meath Tarmac, we ensure the best result for our customers by outlining in detail the best available options for their home or business premises.

We will consider your budget, your preference for stone or tarmac, the size and type of area to be covered, any drainage considerations, the type of traffic which will use the finished driveway, the type of kerbing you had in mind as well as any aesthetic considerations such as the colour of brick used in a house and how that might complement a stone surface.

After discussing all of these matters with you, all parties can proceed secure in the knowledge that the end result will be a success in terms of appearance, cost and ability to withstand the planned traffic.

At Meath Tarmac, we have over 45 years of experience in this industry and our experience combined with our use of the latest techniques, products and technology have helped built up the our valued reputation.

To talk to one of our Design & Planning Team about your own specific needs, please call Meath Tarmac today on (046) 902 7402.

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