Pebble Driveways

At Meath Tarmac, we offer a range of pebble driveway options depending on our customers’ requirements.

The term ‘pebble’ can sometimes cause confusion as people think of rounded stones more suited to ornamental areas.  As stones of this type would tend to spread easily, their use on a driveway would result in unwanted ridges or channels.

At Meath Tarmac, a more effective loose surface is to use stone chippings available in various types of stone such as limestone or granite and which can be delivered in different colours, sizes and finishes. Such surfaces will compact in a more stable manner making them suitable for the vehicle requirements of most driveways. The loose stone surface of these driveways make them more suitable for level areas rather than sloping ground.

A wide range of colours and size of stone are available and our planning and design team can help discuss the various options so that you can make the best choice based on your own particular needs and budget.

Weed barriers are generally recommended for all loose stone surfaces and so all pebble driveways require a certain amount of maintenance to prevent weed growth.

While there are certain aspects to be considered such as ensuring level ground and weed prevention, pebble driveways can be a very cost effective driveway option and can provide a very effective drainage solution for dealing with surface water run-off.

For further details on our Pebble Driveway products and to discuss the variety of stone colours and sizes available, please call Meath Tarmac on (046) 902 7402 for a free consultation today.

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